Thursday, 5 January 2012

Ardo Competition Winner!


Danielle Baker (entry via email) 

who was randomly selected by this generator as the winner out of the many entries to our Ardo Calypso competition!

The question was: 'What is the technology called on the Calypso which gives you complete protection from contamination?'
Of course, the correct answer (which all of you got!) was B - VacuuSeal.  
Read more about why such protection is important here.

Please get in touch with me Danielle, via email  so I can arrange to have your pump sent from Ardo.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and huge thanks to Ardo for volunteering such a generous prize!

I hope this competition has helped to raise a bit of awareness about the importance of supporting breastfeeding by choosing to patronise companies who are WHO code compliant :)

Happy New Year!


  1. I just ordered this pump and hope it will work, medela swing was so far the best for getting any milk out but milk getting into tubes drives me mad!!!

  2. Thank you everyone!! I've only just responded but am so sooo happy!

    Danielle xxx


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