Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Win an Ardo Calypso Breastpump!

I'm really happy to be able to post the question for our Ardo Calypso breastpump giveaway ~ someone will be winning themselves a great pump in the new year! 

More about Ardo and the pump itself is here.

To be in with a chance of winning, work out the answer to the following question by visiting the Ardo website:
What is the technology called on the Calypso which gives you complete protection from contamination?
A/  Optiflow
B/  VacuuSeal
C/  Upgrade Set
Post your answer (A,B, or C) in comments below, or email it to bcboobies@hotmail.co.uk .

We'll draw the winner on January 1st 2012.

NB - With apologies to group members from further afield, this giveaway is open to members from the UK and Republic of Ireland only.


  1. B vacuuseal. would be perfect just in time for heading back to work, ;0)

  2. B vacuuseal x would be perfect with the new baby on its way :-D

  3. B Vaccuseal. Love this blog and FB page. Just had y baby boy this week and thank god after some good straight forward advice from my midwife the breast feeding is going 10 times better than I was expecting after a troubled start due to being comp,etely confused by NHS guides and books on the matter. I was s o scare to breast feed again after having trouble for 6 months with my now 13 month old and resorting to combination feeding that im over the moon its going better this time. I would love to win this beautiful pump please as I cant afford one but know it would really help me stay on track a make a better go of breast feeding this time around x x

  4. B Vacuuseal. I would happily donate this to my work with our local Childrens Centre helping out new breastfeeding mums. xxx

  5. B - Vacuuseal, as I now can't use my thumbs I am in desperate need of a pump! ;o)

  6. B, vacuuseal - would love this to be able to double pump so that I can continue donating but quicker with my active toddler.

  7. B I cross my fingers and wait with hope and anticipation. Merry Christmas and and happy new year to everyone too. :-)

  8. Vanessa Catherwood

  9. B well done Anne for setting up the group!
    Zoe woodman (pumping mummies)

  10. B

  11. b

  12. B VacuuSeal

    Jeanette Jones on fb (I'm a liker your fb page)

  13. B VacuuSeal

    Terri Steinberg on fb
    terri_harwood (at) hotmail (dot) com

  14. B - Vacuuseal.

    Samantha Roberts

  15. B, vacuuseal.
    Hayley.. trulyjaded@Googlemail.com

  16. The answer is b! I would love to win this. Thank you form the chance


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