Saturday, 19 November 2011

Breastfeeding in Intensive Care

I was sent this by email, and thought it should be shared with you all.  What an incredible lady!

'I had an emergency c-section where I lost  all of my blood and a bit more that they put back in, in the process of stemming my near catastrophic bleed, my ureter got sutured. This resulted in no flow of urine from my right kidney to my bladder. I was in Intensive Care for one night and then transferred to High Dependency unit.  My baby and I spent 2 weeks on the post natal ward.  The massive shock to my body and blood loss affected how long it took for my milk to come in - 7 days. But, amazingly it did come in! (see photo).

I had to live with a nephrostomy for 3 months whilst I waited for my surgery to heal so that I could have reconstructive surgery. The nephrostomy was really unpleasant to live with, however I had my healthy baby and my life. I had to remember this every time I was admitted with a severe kidney infection and had to have 5 day courses of I.V. antibiotics, arguing with doctors about my right to breastfeed and keeping my baby with me at all times etc.. etc..

My baby is 14 month old and we are still breastfeeding and will stop when he wants to. :-)
Emma x '

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  1. WOW! You are an amazing lady, I'm so pleased that you and your baby have had such a successful breastfeeding journey after such a difficult start. What an inspiration!

    Lindsay B x


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