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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

DBM Giveaway #2!

This next giveaway has been made possible because of the generosity of Lisa at Lactivist.

For anyone who hasn't heard of Lisa, she is something of a 'pioneer' here in Britain known especially for her work online to promote breastfeeding. 

She runs several breastfeeding-related pages.  www.lactivist.net/ provides support and information to all those with an interest in breastfeeding issues, and Lisa also has two shops at www.lactivist.co.uk and www.lactivistbling.co.uk/, where you can buy all kinds of amusing and practical goodies from cloth bags to nursing necklaces!

Lisa not only created the Lactivist pages, but she also maintains them, and is the creator of such memorable slogans as 'I let my parents sleep in the big bed with me', 'milk from my mum not from just any old cow' and 'I'm a tit man'

Lisa doesn't take a wage from her sites and uses her considerable skills in graphic design to produce and design many of the tongue-in-cheek products she sells online.  She has also helped to champion many other breastfeeding-related businesses and websites over the years.  She was very supportive of DBM in the early days (and you can see that her support continues) and I am personally indebted to her for her help getting this group/ blog off the ground.

Often people who provide breastfeeding support, as well as 'lactivists', come in for criticism for their opinions.  It seems impossible for some to 'get their heads around' the fact that the majority of breastfeeding support in this country (the UK) is provided by volunteers, and is completely without financial reward.  Those women who offer to support other mums in their choice to breastfeed are often described in less-than-flattering terms by the press as well as by those who make different life-choices - however sometimes I think their objectives are misunderstood. 

The vast majority of the time, those being criticised really, genuinely want to support other mums with good information  - whether they end up breastfeeding or not! 
More often than not, 'lactivists' are making a statement about an industry (the formula industry), which too-often operates outside of reasonable ethical boundaries, not about the issue of personal choice

I think this is a good time to point out that Lisa, (just one woman, working without a wage and raising a child on her own), has made a significant impact by being willing to put herself forward as a spokesperson about breastfeeding issues.  I think that's very brave - particularly where the press are concerned - and I take my hat off to her!  I also want to thank Lisa for offering us something to 'giveaway', and for supporting DBM since the start :)

This week's fab freebie giveaway prize will be a pro-breastfeeding t-shirt AND a pro breastfeeding shopping bag of the winners choice courtesy of www.lactivist.co.uk

To enter, all you have to do is leave your name as a comment along with your answer to the question below (a,b, or c), under this blog entry...

What is the correct medical name for the 'saggy boobs' caused by pregnancy, weight gain/ loss, age, genetics, and lifestyle factors but scientifically proven not to be related to breastfeeding ;) 

Is it:

a)  breast-involution
b)  breast-ptosis
c)  breast-mastalgia  ?

My glamorous assistant (dd) will draw the winner in a week's time, on Wednesday 13th April and the selection process will be overseen (once again), by an independent adjudicator (dh!).


This giveaway is the second in a series which is being generously supported by the following companies:


  1. Is this giveaway open to Canada? :)

    If so, my answer is: b) breast-ptosis


  2. Or open to the US?

    MY answer is B) breast-ptosis

    Thanks :)

  3. Yes, I'll personally make up postage worldwide to a reasonable amount, though delivery may take longer!

  4. yippee another giveaway DBM,the answer is of course B) :) - Gill Birchall

  5. Amy Truman


    I love Lactivist stuff :)

  6. I'm going with B! Thanks for offering to ship this one outside the UK :)

  7. Anna M Grindell
    answer B

    many thanks, and good luck to all who enter.

  8. Chery Halliwell anSwer B

  9. Maxine Brimstin - answer B
    Thanks DBM, from Perth Australia xox

  10. Ooh, I've always wanted a lactivist t shirt - so excited to see this giveaway!

    The correct answer is B - breast-ptosis

    Sarah Berryman from Derbyshire

  11. answer B :)

    i love lactivist stuff!

    Natalie Webster

  12. I've tried 3 times to answer but my iPhone wine let me comment! Forth time lucky?

    Toni-Angela Tweddle , Answer is B.

  13. The answer is B.
    Katie Zocklein

  14. The answer is B
    Sarah Chin-a-Loy
    Good Luck xx

  15. answer is B) breast-ptosis

    Rae Vacher Lowe

  16. It's ptosis x

    Anna Marie Monaghan Johnston

  17. Laura Collier - answer is B

  18. Debbie- answer is B (still breast feeding my 16 month old daughter! :)

  19. Wendy-Louise Jones - The answer is B (breast- ptosis)

  20. Answer B. Thanks for your brilliant blog and interesting links :)
    Emily Palmer

  21. Thanks for another fab competition. My answer is B. Abbie :-)

  22. Answer: B.

    Allison Dixley

  23. The answer is...

    b) breast-ptosis

    (Hooray I can enter this one!)

    Anne-Marie Ablett

  24. Hey, it's B.

    Love lactivist stuff too :-)

    Kelly taylor

  25. the answer is B!

    On scan reading at first, i thought i'm going to add that i'd put "my answer is b! and i also know that its not caused by breastfeeding, but then i noticed you had already put that lol

    never miss this chance to educate ;-)

    cannon_hope@hotmail.co.uk Charlotte Hope

  26. Hi,

    B) breast-ptosis

    Sarah Matthews

  27. Hi
    b) breast-ptosis

    Carey Finlinson

  28. B)
    Mine are actually holding up pretty well despite BFing my twins for 11 months x
    Helen Jiggins

  29. B)
    Not had much difference in mine after BFing for over 2 years :-)
    Louise Brady

  30. Answer is B - breast-ptosis

    - Davina Kecun :)

  31. breast-ptosis
    Julie Levesque :)

  32. Gill Hewitt
    b) breast-ptosis

  33. Maria Wren

    Answer B breast-ptosis

  34. That would be b! Mine are quite perky for E cups LOL

    Sam Reilly

  35. Hello,

    b) breast-ptosis

    I didn't really know the answer to this but copied everyone else, is that cheating?

  36. Seems my answer didn't get through first time round. Second try:

  37. Emma Robinson
    B! x:o)

    great work DBM x

  38. Wow, i didn't know there was a medical term for saggy boobehs!
    April Price
    mommytrenches at gmail dot com

  39. Answer: b) breast-ptosis

    (@pandcands on Twitter)

  40. the answer is B- Breast-ptosis
    Thanks for this splendid giveaway
    anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

  41. Another fab give-away! Answer is B.

  42. B - Breast-ptosis

    Kerry Evert

  43. the answer is B
    claire lewis xx

    and learnt something new today!

  44. The answer is b) breast-ptosis

    Hayley Carter :) xx

  45. B please
    Crystal McClean

    hope to see you Friday at LLL x

  46. What an educational question. I learned three new things. The answer is b.


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