Wednesday, 30 March 2011

DBM Giveaway #1!

Hi everyone,

Wow - we've reached 3,000 'likes' on Facebook!  :D 
Thank you all so much for supporting each other through the group page. 

I've never been quite sure how other the groups I see on Facebook are able to do 'giveaways' (and I felt a bit silly asking them....!),  so I haven't been in a position to do any sort of giveaway before.  However, when I realised we were coming up on the 3,000 'likes' mark I posted to asking for suggestions as to how to celebrate the event, and I was basically inundated with hugely generous offers of things to give away from a variety of sources! 

We have had some really amazing offers, so I've decided to 'spread' the giveaway out a bit, doing one at a time.  Not only does it keep the fun going a bit longer, but it also gives me more time to organise everything!  :)
I've decided to run the giveaways through the blog.  Firstly it ensures that I don't break any of Facebook's rules (there are so many....), and it means I can keep track of entries much more easily through the comments.  Things on the group page have a tendency to disappear pretty quickly these days. 
Feel free to share this link with your friends - they don't have to 'like' DBM to enter, though it would be great if more people learned a bit about breastfeeding obviously!

In order to enter our FIRST giveaway, please answer the following question correctly:

Which journalist (unknowingly!) became the 'inspiration' behind the DBM project in June 2010? 
  • a)  Miranda Levy
  • b)  Liat Hughes Joshi  
  • c)  Kathryn Blundell      

Leave your name (or at least part of it!) along with your answer (a, b or c!), as a comment underneath this post.  The winner will be selected (using state-of-the-art technology known as 'the toddler and a bucket') in one week from now - on the 6th April, and I will come looking for you via the Facebook group.  NB - If the gift isn't claimed within 1 week of the winner being announced via the group, I will ask my glamorous assistant to choose another winner!


I can't quite believe we've been offered such an amazing prize to share with the group, but here is what Antoinette of Les Marguerites in the SOUTH OF FRANCE has offered our first lucky winner....

Two nights luxury accommodation in the 'Balcony Room' of her (stunning!) 5 bed guest house, situated in the medieval village of Alet les Bains, Languedoc.

'It is a large room that overlooks the garden, it has it's own sitting room and a connecting door to the twin bedded room next door, there is also a cot in that room, that can either stay in the twin room or be moved to be in with the parents'

Of course you'll need to make your own travel arrangements, but Carcassonne airport is easily reached via Ryanair from all over the UK and Ireland (30 minutes drive from Les-Marguerites), or you also have the option to travel to Toulouse airport - which is just over an hour away by car.  For those looking to keep costs down Antoinette has even offered to pick the winners up from Carcassone airport! 
This giveaway is open to anyone, wherever they live, so long as they are able to transport themselves to the South of France! 
You can read glowing reviews from previous guests at Les-Marguerites here.

Antoinette and Keith are very supportive of breastfeeding, and the story of their 'dream' relocation to the South of France was featured in Channel 5's 'Build a New Life in the Country' show last year.  They have lovingly restored the property themselves and I have no doubt that the winner will have an unforgettable stay with them, whenever they decide to go.   You can choose to stay anytime of the year except July or August.

'They look forward to welcoming you to Les Marguerites and giving you the chance to live the dream with them!'


DON'T WORRY if you don't win this time.. 
There are more fab freebies on their way thanks to:
(More of Kate's artwork can be viewed here)


  1. Maaaannn wish I was somewhere in the UK so I could take advantage of this! The whole "make your own travel arrangements" thing kinda puts me out of the running as I'm on the west coast of the USA!

  2. Woooooow. Fab!! If only I had the money to get to France..I'd take part but we don't fly (various reasons) so it's just stupid-expensive. :(

    Good luck to every body else though. :)


  3. i think (though im not sure!) it was c) Kathryn Blundell....
    Congrats on the 3000 likers though! Fab achievement! x

  4. What an amazing giveaway! A big thank to you for arranging and to Antoinette and Keith donating! I won't enter as we'd struggle for transport but I'm sure that whoever wins will have an amazing time! xx

  5. I believe it is C as well. Great giveaway:) My name is Jennifer McFettridge by the way. I love your facebook posts and have breastfed for a total of just over four years total now! (and am very proud of it!)

  6. Wow, what a generous gift....

    Answer: C Tina Burgoyne xxx

  7. Always looking for a way and place to escape our own 4 walls, which are in continual renovation! We're in Germany, so this could work out nicely for us.

    C) If there's a silver lining to the dark cloud of this person's comments, it is that DBM was born.

    Carol Hunter

  8. I believe it is c Kathryn blundell. Great prize! In case it won't log me, I'm Alison Caller

  9. I think that would be Kathryn Blundell and her not being 'fagged' to breastfeed with her 'fun bags' ;) wow 3,000 likes!!

    DBM this page has helped me soooo much, you really are a treasure & it is amazing that you are doing this all for your love of trying to inform. You should be very very proud

  10. Hello, I'm Jane and I am one of a few dedicated volunteer breastfeeding peer supporters across Derbyshire who go under the name of Breastmates. This site is wonderful. The answer is c and I also used my "fun bags" for the job they were designed for and breastfed my little ones for a total of just over 5 years. Keep up the great work. Jane in the High Peak.

  11. 3,000 likes. Amazing stuff! Thanks for such an informative/helpful/interesting Facebook page and blog. :)

    C - Kathryn Blundell.

    Maya Louise Stanley

  12. Congratulations on 3000! Love the FB page and the Blog. c) Kathryn Blundell
    Emma Faulkner

  13. answer is (c), i'm zoe woodman.
    Thanks for standing up for what you and many of us believe in and making the change happen so we could join you!

  14. Answer: C

    Totally love your blog and info!

  15. Ooh, exciting! I'll also go with C. Thanks for the fab blog!

    -Susan Miller

  16. Whoop whoop!! 3000 likers, great going DBM, The answer is of course the ill informed, scaremongering Kathryn Blundell!!! ps my name is Gill Birchall

  17. awesome prize!

    answer is c and my name is laura paterson :o)

  18. Well done on 3000 likes! My answer is (c)

  19. Congrats on 3000
    Answer C Kathryn Blundell, Claire Underwood

  20. Answer is C :) Love your blog

  21. C - Kathryn Blundell
    Amazing to see how far you've come since that silly woman and her fun bags got us all riled up on BC! Huge congratulations on the success of your blog and the FB group. x
    Oh I'm Lindsey Jimsdottir on FB

  22. cute! we were planning to go to france this year anyway, so it would fit like a glove! hm... langued'oc!
    the answer is of course Kathryn Blundell.

  23. Big congrats on reaching 3000 likes :-)
    Amazing prize. Fair play to antoinette & Keith!

    Answer is C

    Louise Marten

  24. and aren't we all glad that those comments were made?!!!
    answer -C Kate Blundell

    good luck to everyone for such a fantastic prize!!
    Tara McCarthy

  25. Answer C. I'm training as an antenatal teacher so your blog is a great source of info. Amy Stockton

  26. Answer: c) Kathryn Blundell
    Perfect for us - with our breastfed twins and was breastfed four-year old! Family of five :)
    Helen Jiggins x

  27. Uber giveaway DBM, totally Fab!

    Answer C. Sacha Patterson x

  28. Excellent, answer C , Lisa Fossey x

  29. Wow, that's an incredibly short time in which to get 3000 'likes'! Congrats! Awesome give-away, what a generous prize! Answer is: c) Kathryn Blundell

  30. C) Kathryn Blundell

    Another benefit to breastfeeding - happening to come across giveaways like this whilst trying to entertain yourself during the night feeds!

    I've never commented before but DBM is one of the things that's kept me going til now (nearly 9 months) despite some difficult times - thanks for writing this blog :)

    Alison Hand

  31. Answer is C!
    Great giveaway and love your work!!
    (hope it lets me enter this time!)
    Madhu Singh Panda

  32. C, and you've been the inspiration for so many of us!!

    Kerry Evert

  33. C, kathryn blundell. fab giveaway, great way to raise awareness!

    Lisa Rusiecka

  34. Answer C, I can't believe DBM has grown so much in 9 months!

    Helen Burton

  35. answer is C - Kathryn Flippin Blundell!
    sharon breward

  36. C - Kathryn Blundell

    Mars Lord (MammyDoula)

    No bribery in ANY form... but have I told you how stunningly attractive you are and how beautifully you write? :D

  37. LMAO Mars! It's the toddler you need to bribe.. She is BIG about cake. ;) xo

  38. Answer C) the new editor of M&B - Grrrr - Kathryn Blundell. Amazing Blog, keep up the brilliant work in enlightening those to the truth about breastfeeding.

    Fiona McTavish

  39. Hi,
    The answer is (c) and I am Juno Charlett.
    Thank-you for the awesome giveaway!
    Juno x

  40. Answer C. France is a long way from California, but I'll find a way.
    I'm Sara G.

  41. Ah that will be answer C!

    What a fabbo prize.

  42. Hi,
    I've never posted on your site, but I'm a serial lurker! 3000 is a fantastic achievement!

    Answer: C Sarah Matthews

  43. If only I had been brave enough to go abroad when I had my 1st baby, I had no idea back then how bf would have made things so much simpler. But back then I had no idea how I would fall in love with bf my babies and when things can be so hard how bf take the stress out of my life in so many ways.
    answer C
    Sharron Cottle

  44. Answer C
    Amazing prize, great blog.
    Deborah Peacock

  45. Answer C
    Love the blog and what a great prize!!
    Gill Hewitt

  46. Here we go!
    c) Kathryn Blundell.
    What a star for offering this prize and for figuring out how to do it all.
    Bridget Cavanna

  47. Answer C. Thank you. DBM has really helped and encouraged me xx
    Angela Almond

  48. My initial entry isn't showing so I'm entering again. Hopefully that's ok?
    Answer C.
    Good luck everyone! xx
    Sarah Chin-a-Loy

  49. My answer is C! Fingers crossed! Katy P xx

  50. c - ms blunder (or shd that be blundell)

  51. Wow!! An amazing prize Mrs! My answer is C. Congrats on 3000 fans Anne.

    Fungers xxx

  52. Thanks for the contest. My answer is C. I'm Abbie K :-)

  53. Hiya, the answer is C
    Thankyou for all your support - my son was born in june 2010 to coincide with your group ;) and I'm pretty sure we wouldn't still be nursing if not for DBM so thank you xx

  54. Answer is c Kathrn blundell

  55. The answer is C. DBM is such a fab resource, thanks so much for taking the time to do it!

    Cathy W x

  56. The answer is C
    What amzing prizes ;-)


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