Friday, 5 November 2010

D-MER Support Group

A new group offering support and advice to mums suffering from D-MER has been established.
D-MER stands for 'dysmorphic milk ejection reflex'.

This condition is more than a simple 'dislike' of breastfeeding - evidence is accumulating that this condition is a physiological (physical) reaction to the let-down reflex. 

'Let-down is supposed to be a pleasurable experience for women but for the woman with D-MER they will instead have feelings of deep sadness or anger, even suicidal thoughts. As let-down can occur many times during a feed, and be otherwise undetectable by the mother, D-MER is sometimes assumed to be aversion or even post-natal depression.'

~ Nursing aversion and D-Mer support Group spokesperson

Although this condition only affects a tiny minority of nursing mums - if you feel it might apply to you, then you can find out more about this condition here & join the online support group here.

The more that is known about this condition, the more we can do to help mothers who are affected by it!


  1. I have recently discovered that I'm suffering from this condition. It's driving me crazy to not be able to enjoy nursing with my newborn, as I have with my other children. I'm frantically searching for help or support, but even my doctor hasn't heard of D-MER, and continues to try and convince me that I'm suffering from post partum depression, which I'm confident that I'm not. I am, however, headed in that direction as the condition seems to worsen with every feeding and I'm building an aversion to the whole breastfeeding experience. I welcome any advice from anyone else dealing with the same issues.

  2. Did you find the link to the online group ?
    There's also a group on facebook run by one of the leading experts on D-MER - here: Please feel free to post on our FB group also - I know there are other mums in the group living with this condition. Please reach out for help, there ARE people out there who can help you (((hugs))) x anne


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