Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Closer magazine.

The above article appeared in a recent edition of Closer Magazine.
It's hard to know if Dr Jessen is just 'bandwagon-jumping' (because of recent press contraversy over other articles) or if he's being deliberately provocative, but many of us consider his recent writing on the subject of sagging boobs to be scaremongering.

I will be posting a template letter if you'd like to contact the editor of the publication, and you may wish to contact the Press Complaints Commission also.  Their code of practice is quite concise and I believe the magazine article is misleading (section 1:i) and has not clearly stated what is [the columnists] conjcture and what is fact (1:iii).  No scientific evidence has been presented by the columnist in support of his opinion.

I find it interesting that this article has only appeared since our previous interaction with Dr Jessen, when he made the same claims based on his 'clinical experience'.  However, I am very concerned that he has gone on to write a disgraceful and misleading article which will will be read by many young women. 

You can also make a complaint via their website here.

You can see what others think of this by visiting the facebook fansite.


  1. Sorry but I had to larf at making the saggy breast claim based on "clinical experience". Wonder if his patients are aware he is comparing before and after sagging? LOL

  2. sense of humour definitely required here... ;)

  3. In ok!magazine

    ‘Trying to breast-feed gave me such a creepy feeling. It made me feel sick. I was thinking, don’t touch me, get off me, give me a glass.’

    Read more:


  5. @ Anon - I think in this case the celebrity concerned made it fairly clear her aversion to breastfeeding was an symptom of something more severe (her battle with depression and substance abuse). The quote itself is very sad. I don't feel she was denegrating breastfeeding itself though, but rather being honest about her emotional response to the condition. Very sad story.

  6. New magazine the other week

    Are you breastfeeding?
    Well, he won’t latch on. I’m renting a hospital breast pump, so I’m expressing and feeding him breast milk in a bottle. But I can’t make enough milk. He’s so hungry! Because he was a bit early, the midwife said he’s having a growth spurt. I’ve got some little bottles of ready-made formula milk too.

    Will you persevere with the breastfeeding?
    Well, as long as I can express and feed him I’m not really bothered. It hurts! Using the breast pump is easier because you don’t have to get your boobs out in public with people staring at you! I’m going to express for as long as I can and see what happens.

    How is he sleeping?
    He’s been really good. When he gets a feed and you change him, he’ll go to sleep and only wake up for another feed or change. He’s not screaming for no reason or attention seeking. So I don’t know which parent he takes after!

  7. I think this is a bit OTT. Believe what you want to believe but don't take things so far. I don't agree with things in magazines, but I have better things to do than complain about things that are printed.

  8. Interesting 'anon'. I don't mean your comment, (obviously!) but more the fact that you FOUND THE TIME time to come on here & write something so negative, when - by your own admission - you have 'better things to do'. I'm sure other mothers are indebted to you for your concern.

  9. Ever since I was a teenager I wanted bigger boobs - only an extra cup size from A - B, didn't want to be greedy but never wanted to go under the knife.
    Now my son is 2 next week, still feeding a bit and guess what I love my boobs more than ever and got my wish I am now a B cup! No sagging, no loss of fullness - they are great!!


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