Wednesday, 18 August 2010

As someone wiser than me once said..

Many of you will have already heard of Dr Jack Newman.  He is a well known breastfeeding expert and runs the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic and Institute.  The NBCI supports breastfeeding both practically through their work  with mothers and babies, and by training lactation consultants, doctors, midwives, nurses, naturopaths and doulas.

His website lists a vast amount of advice and information covering a wide range of issues which may (or may not) arise during the course of breastfeeding.
Amongst this information there is a gem of writing.  Dr Jack covers a huge range of Breastfeeding Myths.

Although this campaign will aim to deal with various myths in slightly more detail - and incorporate personal experience into the mx - I felt it might be helpful for some of you (and in particular those who may not have breastfed) to see this article. 

The article was revised in 2008 and does not contain information about the recent evidence which shows that breastfeeding does not cause breast sagging.  Perhaps this is something Dr Newman will address in future revisions - I certainly hope so!

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